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Dr. Frederick's Original Better Blister Bandages for Rapid Blister Prevention & Recovery

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  • TREAT & PREVENT BLISTERS: Our large assorted pack of bandage patches is perfect for any active person. Like moleskin for feet protection, our bandage kit protects and prevents any blister. But our blister gel guard bandages do something extra: they treat the blister while you wear it.
  • WATERPROOF PROTECTION: Once you apply a heel or toe bandage from our variety pack, the blister is protected from water, germs, sweat, and additional friction, even during the sweatiest hike or dance class.
  • ULTRA-STICKY: Our customers have the best results applying the hydrocolloid bandage patches to clean, dry skin. The toe bandages are very sticky, and stay where you want them until they're done absorbing moisture from the blister.
  • PERFECT FOR DAILY WEAR: Use these blister pad bandages as heel blister protectors. To mitigate blisters in business meetings or on the golf course, apply our blister kit to hot spots before you leave the house. Blisters are prevented before they can start!
  • GET BACK TO IT GUARANTEE: Your results are our top priority. It's part of who we are as physicians. So if your flexible blister pads purchase doesn't help you get back to doing what you love, we'll find something that will or we'll give you your money back. That's our promise to help you Get Back to the Original You.


We've all been there: one hour into a long day at a theme park, on a family hike, or seeing your favorite band, and that familiar pain pops up on your heel or the side of your toe. And, before you know it, a painful blister has formed. With the aid of our Better Blister Bandages, blister prevention is a reality! Just apply a bandage to the irritated area at the first sign of pain. The blister is stopped in its tracks! Without friction, there's no blister, and the smooth, second skin feel of our waterproof bandages ensures that no blisters can form.

And if you're too late? No worries, even if you get a blister during day one of the big family reunion, Better Blister Bandages are still your best bet. Apply the bandage to the affected area and watch the magic work. The blister tape absorbs any moisture released from the blister and protects the area with a waterproof seal. The adhesive bandage sticks for days and only releases its seal once all moisture has been pulled away from the blister.

Unlike a traditional fabric bandage or blister prevention tape, our waterproof bandages are designed to treat the blister instead of just covering it. While a bandage may protect the blister from further irritation, our blister treatment latex free bandages cover the blister and work to heal it.

For best blister care results, apply to clean, dry skin. The blister bandage does not stick to damp skin. Ensure that the gel hydro seal blister guard is applied in a taut, smooth layer that covers the entire blister. It should feel like a second skin! Our blister cushions are so sticky that they shouldn't be used on open wounds.

For the ULTIMATE in blister bandages and heel blister prevention, click ADD TO CART now. You'll get a 12-count of our waterproof patches, the largest count of hydrocolloid bandages on Amazon! Dr. Frederick's Better Blister Bandages come in three different shapes and sizes, perfect for any blister.

Customer Reviews
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    One of the best I've come across

    They stick on really well and they last. I use them for the blisters I get from my new running shoes and even through copious amounts of sweating, they stick on.

    JaimeZen T.
    It helped minimize my feet from getting blisters

    I love to go hiking/climbing on the mountains on weekends. I always had blisters on my feet especially when the climb is kinda challenging. The bandage really help minimize the blisters on my feet

    Great bandaids!

    These Band-Aids are great! I love how they come in different sizes in one package. They are easy to use and stay on for long periods of time. I would definitely recommend these to others.

    Jeremy J.
    Very cushy and reduces pain

    We recently had blisters open up on a trip to Disney World, including the 6yo and dad. Used the blister pack to continue walking 9-13 miles per day. Went from 7/10 on pain scale to 3/10. Hardly noticeable inside the shoe. Very high value.

    Deloris P.
    Helps With Blister Pain

    I really like this variety pack. I have a whole cabinet of just random medical supplies, because you never know when you will need it. I only keep stuff that has a long shelf life on hand. Anyway, I recently got a blister. Thankfully, it was a short lived one. I really liked that I got to pick the correct size for what I needed and where it was located. It stayed on all day and protected my blister so I wasn't in pain. The best ones I have tried so far. Definitely recommend and would repurchase.