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Dr. Frederick's Original SpotGel Blister Gel Pads - 12 Pieces for Blisters, Calluses, and Heel Pain

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  • STRONG ADHESIVE: Our blister pads are designed to stick inside of your shoe to prevent the blisters and abrasions that can develop throughout the day. They're also designed to STAY IN PLACE. With our gel pad set, you can rest assured that your discomfort will be relieved all day long. Other heel protector pads slip and slide in your shoe, but ours will stay put no matter what! Simply peel off the plastic backing and apply the heel pad to the inside of your shoe.
  • SLIM FIT: Other heel pads and gel foot pads can be bulky, taking up too much room on the inside of your shoe. This can lead to crowding, which could cause more blisters in the end! Bulky gel bunion pads can also create an uncomfortable pressure point in the shoe. No worries -- with our slim heel blister pads, your pain will be prevented and no new issues will be introduced. The low-profile design of our heel guards means that you won't feel them. You'll just feel comfortable.
  • WEAR THE SHOES YOU WANT: We all have a great pair of shoes that we just cannot wear. They pinch and rub in the worst places, leaving our feet in terrible shape by the end of the day. With our bunion guard gel pads, you can wear those FAVORITE SHOES. If you're a business traveler, our gel foot pad set is a MUST for your carry-on. Even after three days at a convention, you'll be walking easily in those dress shoes that typically cause blisters, irritation, and soreness.
  • ALL-DAY PAIN RELIEF: If you spend the whole day on your feet, our foot blister pads are perfect. Spot gel protectors can be strategically placed to relieve all types of foot pain. They can be used as toe pads, bunions relief, a heel cushion, and corn pads for little toe protection. Throw a set of our SpotGel heel blister protectors in your bag. At the first sign of discomfort, add a gel bunion guard to the inside of your shoe. Instant bunion pain relief.
  • GET BACK TO IT GUARANTEE: Your results are our top priority. It's part of who we are as physicians. So if your purchase of our SpotGel Blister Gel Pads doesn't help you get back to doing what you love, we'll find something that will or we'll give you your money back. That's our promise to help you Get Back to the Original You.