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Donut Cushion Resources


Thank you for purchasing a Dr. Frederick’s Original Donut Cushion. We’re so happy you’ve taken this step toward getting back to the Original You.


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Our Donut Cushions are designed by real doctors to help you get back to the Original You. Our mission is to elevate the lives of our customers by providing affordable solutions for health, mobility, and wellness.

We know tailbone pain can hold you back, and that “minor” conditions can have a huge impact on your quality of life.

Dr. Frederick’s Inflatable Donut Cushion helps relieve pain by redistributing body weight over the ischial tuberosities (“sit bones”) to prevent pressure on the perineum or pelvic floor.

We're proud to offer two sizes: Our 18" Variety, and our 15" Variety to suit every body. We’ve also made it easy-to-inflate and latex-free.


inflation instructions


  • Our Donut Cushion is designed to be hypoallergenic, lightweight, and portable. Use it at home, at the office, on your flight, or in the car.
  • To ensure comfort and stability, the cushion should touch the backrest of the chair you're sitting on, and your hips should be even with the edge of the cushion.
  • For maximum comfort, place your tailbone in the very center of the hole and lean slightly forward on the cushion. Hunching or discomfort in the back means you've gone too far!
  • Experiment with different levels of firmness to find out which is most comfortable for you.

Best for relief of discomfort due to:

  • Tailbone Pain
  • Coccyx Pain
  • Perineal Pain
  • Postpartum Soreness
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Pilonidal Cyst
  • Bottom Pain
  • Bed Sores

We're confident this Donut Cushion is the pain-relief product you deserve.


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If you have questions, comments, or concerns about your product: we are always here to help! The team at Dr. Frederick’s Original is always available to make it right, with our industry-leading Get Back to It Guarantee. If our product doesn’t help the way it’s intended in 30 days, we’ll replace it or refund you. Your health matters.

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