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Dr. Frederick's Original Fuzzy Heel Socks

          Congratulations on embracing a lifestyle of pampering and relaxation with Dr. Frederick's Original Fuzzy Moisturizing Heel Socks!

          At Dr. Frederick's Original, we understand that even seemingly minor foot issues can significantly impact your overall well-being and quality of life. That's why we're dedicated to offering affordable and effective solutions that promote better health, mobility, and wellness for our valued customers.

          Welcome to the Dr. Frederick's family, where self-care is not just a ritual, but a lifestyle. Embrace the journey and let your feet be transformed.


          Our Fuzzy Heel Socks are developed to reduce dryness, cracking, and discomfort overnight, with most customers seeing dramatic results in less than a week. They’re also indulgent, providing you an excuse to take care of yourself - to relax and put your feet up for once.

          The combination of super soft breathable fabric and our specially formulated SootheFast Gel lining means your heels will stay hydrated all day long. Slip into your new socks and let the rich formula nourish cracked heels overnight, leaving them silky-smooth. Immerse yourself in comfort and turbocharge your self-care routine, as every step renews your sense of well-being.

              Real Results from Real Heels

              The Dream Routine

              USEFUL TIPS & TRICKS

              Make sure to get the most out of your Moisturizing Heel Socks by following our favorite tips:

              • As lotion can make the gel slippery, and the plush fabric may slide on hard surfaces, we recommend making the heel socks part of your evening routine.
              • Prepare your feet for pampering by ensuring they are clean and dry before applying creams and your heel socks.
              • Elevate your self-care routine with frequent foot massages using nourishing oils, creams, or moisturizers. Stimulation and hydration are the keys to unveiling soft, radiant heels.
              • To preserve your Fuzzy Heel Socks, gently hand or machine wash using cold water and a mild detergent or soap, avoiding inside-out washing. Then, allow them to air dry naturally, ready for your next pampering session.
              • Need more tips and tricks? Check out our full Guide to Healing Dry, Cracked Heels!

              Curious about causes, treatment, or more information on dry, cracked heels and heel fissures? There’s a blog for that.


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              If you have questions, comments, or concerns about your product: we are always here to help! The team at Dr. Frederick’s Original is always available to make it right, with our industry-leading Get Back to It Guarantee. If our product doesn’t help the way it’s intended in 30 days, we’ll replace it or refund you. Your health matters!

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