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Hand Pain

Thank you for purchasing a Dr. Frederick’s Original hand pain relief product! We’re so happy you're here.


Our hand pain relief products are designed by real doctors to help you get back to the Original You.

Our mission is to elevate the lives of our customers by providing affordable solutions for health, mobility, and wellness. We know hand pain can hold you back, and that “minor” conditions can have a huge impact on your quality of life.

We design products to provide compression and support to your hand, while reducing pain from inflammation, joint pain, numbness, or overuse. We’re here to help to reduce hand pain associated with:

  • Arthritis, including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and psoriatic arthritis
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Trigger Finger
  • De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis
  • Raynaud’s
  • Tendinitis
  • Repetitive Stress Injuries

We know many conditions can cause inflammation, swelling, joint pain, and other discomfort in the hands, keeping you from doing the everyday activities you love. Our products are designed to get you back to the lifestyle you deserve, pain-free.


Dr. Frederick’s Original features FOUR different compression gloves designed to treat hand pain! We have gloves for every occasion and activity (and yes, available in multiple sizes for your perfect fit).

gloves for pain reliefOriginal Compression Gloves: Our bestselling comfortable cotton compression gloves, designed to support your hands with mild compression. Perfect for daily wear (or overnight wear!).

Grippy Compression Gloves: Our textured gloves, designed to provide support and a textured grip, so you can continue opening jars, lifting weights, or going about daily activities without missing a beat.

Copper Compression Gloves: Our Copper-infused compression gloves, designed to hug your hands while providing all the protective benefits of copper. Lightweight, and perfect for daily or overnight wear.

Full-Finger Compression Gloves: The full-finger version of our copper compression gloves, designed to protect icy fingertips (while still remaining touchscreen compatible!). Especially ideal for driving, walking the dog, or pain that extends into the fingertips.


If compression gloves aren't quite what you need, may we recommend:

Trigger Finger Splint: Designed for fast pain relief by comfortably immobilizing one finger. (Learn more here).

Copper Thumb Brace: For comfort, stabilization, and support of sore thumbs and unsteady wrists. (Learn more here).

To learn more about hand pain, the conditions that cause hand pain, and treatment options, please check out our blog for further reading.


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If you have questions, comments, or concerns about your product: we are always here to help! The team at Dr. Frederick’s Original is always available to make it right, with our industry-leading Get Back to It Guarantee. If our product doesn’t help the way it’s intended in 30 days, we’ll replace it or refund you. Your health matters.

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