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Moisturizing Heel Socks

          Thank you for purchasing Dr. Frederick’s Original Moisturizing Heel Socks! We’re so happy you're here.

          Our products are designed by real doctors to help you get back to the Original You. Our mission is to elevate the lives of our customers by providing affordable solutions for health, mobility, and wellness. We know cracked heels and foot pain can hold you back, and that “minor” conditions can have a huge impact on your quality of life.


          Repair your heels while you sleep. With results in as little as three days, our Moisturizing Heel Socks are the treat your feet deserve. The combination of super soft breathable fabric and our specially formulated gel pad lining means your heels will stay hydrated all day long. Nourish, soften, and heal dry cracked heels today!


          Our socks are available in five color-and-ingredient combinations, all designed to be comfortable, vented for cool air flow, latex-free, and with our proprietary Soothefast Gel Lining, designed to lock in healing moisture.

          We offer:

          • Original Gray, packed with our Comprehensive Blend, including Vitamin E, Olive Oil, & Essential Botanical Oils
          • Green, with healing aloe and olive oil
          • Tan, packed with moisturizing shea butter
          • Blue, with softening jojoba oil
          • Black, with hydrating argan oil

            Real Results from Real Heels

            The Dream Routine

            USEFUL TIPS & TRICKS

            Make sure to get the most out of your Moisturizing Heel Socks by following our favorite tips:

            • Heel Socks can be a bit slippery if worn after applying cream, which is why we recommend making this part of your evening routine.
            • To prevent wear and tear, we recommend wearing the socks on clean feet.
            • Frequent foot massages with oil, cream, or moisturizing products can help soothe dryness and cracking. Stimulation and hydration are key to healthy heels.
            • To avoid drying out your heels, keep your showers or baths to 5-10 minutes. Lingering can actually dry out your skin, making cracked heels worse.
            • To wash, hand or machine wash with cold water and gentle detergent or soap. Do not wash inside out. Allow to air dry.
            • Need more tips and tricks? Check out our full Guide to Healing Dry, Cracked Heels!

            Curious about causes, treatment, or more information on dry, cracked heels and heel fissures? There’s a blog for that.


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             Dr. Frederick’s Original’s top priority is your results, which means creating the best possible product for you. That’s why we stand by our products with the industry-leading Get Back To It Guarantee. If our product doesn’t help the way it’s intended in 30 days, we’ll find something that will or we’ll give you your money back.

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