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Tonsil Stone Resources


Thank you for purchasing a Dr. Frederick’s Original Easy Tonsil Stone Removal Kit. We’re so happy you’ve taken this step toward getting back to the Original You.


Our Easy Tonsil Stone Removal Kit is designed to banish irritating, bad-breath-causing tonsil stones from the comfort of your bathroom!

tonsil stone remover

Our Kit comes with a lighted wand to illuminate your tonsil crypts (aka the folds of your tonsils, an oral irrigator to loosen pesky stones, and multiple silicone attachments to aid your quest to fight stubborn and hard-to-reach tonsil stones. It all comes packed in a nifty carrying case for safe, hygienic storage!

Our mission is to elevate the lives of our customers by providing affordable solutions for health, mobility, and wellness. We know pain and discomfort can hold you back, and that “minor” conditions can have a huge impact on your quality of life.


Tonsil stones, or tonsilloliths, are calcium deposits that build up over time in the folds of your tonsils. While they’re not thought to be harmful, they can cause bad breath and minor discomfort. Luckily, we’re here to help you remove them quickly and efficiently!

DID YOU KNOW? Tonsil stores actually affect about 10% of the population!




Looking to get the most out of your Tonsil Stone Removal Kit? Here are some of our favorite tips:

  • Quick bursts of water with the syringe (versus a steady stream) may work better to loosen your tonsil stones.
  • Try hocking your throat, or making a hissing sound, to help suppress your tongue and flex your throat - this may make it easier to see the area.
  • Since tonsil stones are calcium deposits, you may experience fewer stones by reducing your dairy intake.


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