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Tonsil Stone Resources


full tonsil kit

Thank you for purchasing a Dr. Frederick’s Original Easy Tonsil Stone Removal Kit. We’re so happy you’ve taken this step toward getting back to the Original You.


Our Easy Tonsil Stone Removal Kit is designed to banish irritating, bad-breath-causing tonsil stones from the comfort of your bathroom!

Our Kit comes with a lighted wand to illuminate your tonsil crypts (aka the folds of your tonsils), an oral irrigator to loosen pesky stones, and multiple silicone attachments to aid your quest to fight stubborn and hard-to-reach tonsil stones. It all comes packed in a nifty carrying case for safe, hygienic storage!

This page includes instructions on best use, changing the batteries (we've included extra), and our favorite tips for getting the best out of your kit.

We hope our Easy Tonsil Stone Removal Kit will help you on your wellness journey. 


Tonsil stones, or tonsilloliths, are calcium deposits that build up over time in the folds of your tonsils. While they’re not thought to be harmful, they can cause bad breath and minor discomfort. Luckily, we’re here to help you remove them quickly and efficiently!

DID YOU KNOW? Tonsil stones actually affect about 10% of the population!


  1. Begin by using the included syringe to gently flush out or loosen your tonsil stones. Feel free to use warm water, salt water, or even water with some mouthwash added.
  2. Gently probe the crevices of your tonsils for stones using the lighted wand.
  3. Flush with the syringe a final time to remove any leftover debris.
  4. Enjoy the confidence that comes with fresh breath and a clean mouth!


Your Tonsil Stone Removal Kit contains 6 batteries. Three are already loaded in the lighted tool, and three are included as replacements. To change your batteries, follow our detailed instructions (or scroll down for video instructions):

  1. Gently remove the bottom of the lighted tool - it should easily pop off.
    instructions one
  2. Following the seam on the tool, carefully pry the tool open. Gently pull the side with the Dr. Frederick's Original text up and out to remove. 
    instructions two
    Note: If the switch falls out, it can be easily reinserted into the tool - just make sure the notch with the bump is facing the top (lighted part) of the tool.
    switch warning
  3. Carefully remove and safely discard the old batteries.
    intstructions three
  4. Insert 3 new batteries. The rounded sides should face the base of the tool, and the flatter side (the positive side with a “+” on it) of the batteries should face the bulb.
    instructions four
  5. Once the batteries are replaced, put the tool back together carefully. Replace the top half of the tool by inserting the skinny end first into the side of the tool containing the batteries. 
    instructions 5
    Then, drop the back and make sure the tool is secure.
    instructions five b
  6. Pop the bottom of the tool back on and you're ready to go!
    last instruction



Looking to get the most out of your Tonsil Stone Removal Kit? Here are some of our favorite tips:

  • Quick bursts of water with the syringe (versus a steady stream) may work better to loosen your tonsil stones.
  • Try hocking your throat, or making a hissing sound, to help suppress your tongue and flex your throat - this may make it easier to see the area.
  • Since tonsil stones are calcium deposits, you may experience fewer stones by reducing your dairy intake.


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