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Trigger Finger Splint Resources

Trigger Finger SplintThank you for purchasing Dr. Frederick’s Original Trigger Finger Splint! We’re so happy you're here.

Our pain relief products are designed by real doctors to help you get back to the Original You. Our mission is to elevate the lives of our customers by providing affordable solutions for health, mobility, and wellness. We know finger pain can hold you back, and that “minor” conditions can have a huge impact on your quality of life.


Finger pain from trigger finger, injury, arthritis, and more can keep you from going about your everyday activities. Our little splint will get you back to the things you love quickly, providing pain relief and stabilization all day (or all night) long. We're proud to offer our splint in Regular and Small sizes, to suit your every need. (We recommend small for pinky fingers).

For more information on Trigger Finger, please visit our Blog Series here.


How to wear


  • Our Regular Trigger Finger Splint is designed to be one-size-fits-most adults, and is fully adjustable for index, middle, and ring fingers. Our Small size works for most pinky fingers and some children.
  • Your splints aren’t designed to be worn 24/7. Make sure to remove them for at least 15 minutes at a time every few hours.
  • The aluminum bar inside your splint is removable and adjustable. Bend or adjust the bar to get your perfect fit.
  • To wash your splints, hand-wash with warm water and a single drop of soap. Allow to completely air dry before using.


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