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Dr. Frederick’s Original Better Blister Blocker 0.90 oz - 2 Sticks - Anti Chafing Stick - Anti Blister Balm - Blister Prevention & Pain Relief -  Anti Chafe Stick for Travel - Theme Park Essentials

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    • REDUCE FRICTION & PREVENT BLISTERS: Protect and hydrate your skin! Better Blister Blocker creates a shield on your skin, putting a stop to the friction and rubbing that causes blisters, rash, and irritation. Apply it anywhere you need to prevent blisters and chafing. Stain-free, all-natural, and here to make sure you’re comfortable and confident.
    • WATER-RESISTANT NATURAL FORMULA: Darn right! Better Blister Blocker stays on for hours, repelling sweat while reducing friction, while allowing your skin to breathe. Plus, our anti blister balm uses safe, natural ingredients like real beeswax and carnauba wax to keep your skin happy and healthy. Sulfate and paraben free!
    • DESIGNED FOR EVERYONE: Our anti-friction stick has got your back during your run, hike, dance class, or vacation - keeping you free from pain and blisters. But it’s not JUST for runners! Our plant-based wax blend is the ultimate blister balm for all ages, builds, and genders. If you’re looking for the anti chafe stick women swear by: you’ve found it! Walkers, parents, travelers - great for anyone with sore feet.
    • PERFECT FOR TRAVEL: Better Blister Blocker is your essential trip accessory. An absolute must for theme park trips, sweaty workouts, or ambitious hikes! We’ve designed this no-mess anti blister stick to be discreet, compact, and convenient, so it's right there when you need it most.
    • DOCTOR-DEVELOPED & GUARANTEED: At Dr. Frederick's Original, we prioritize your satisfaction, which means creating the best possible products for you. We stand behind Better Blister Blocker with our industry-leading Get Back To It Guarantee. If it doesn't help you get back to doing what you love, we'll find something that will or give you your money back.

    Dr. Frederick’s Original Better Blister Blocker anti-chafe stick stops blisters in their tracks! Don’t wait until blisters make walking or running uncomfortable. Apply Better Blister Blocker to toes, heels, or anywhere blisters form and stop the friction that causes unwelcome blisters. Better Blister Blocker is the go-to cream for athletes. Simply glide the stick liberally over the problem area, and keep the stick in your gym bag or purse. No mess, and no excess! Perfect for distance runners with friction blisters, or hikers breaking in new boots. Makes a great companion for sweat-induced heat rash from thighs rubbing together or sports bra chafing. This will be your new best friend. Apply as often as needed! Works best when applied below 80F. With just three natural ingredients, Better Blister Blocker is simply superior to the competition. Unlike unnecessarily complicated and expensive formulas, our product is affordable, and completely safe for even the most sensitive skin! Sulfate free, paraben free, and 100% plant based. Stop wasting time and money on gels loaded with harsh chemicals. All of Dr. Frederick’s Original products are designed by doctors to keep you safe and friction-free. We stand by everything we produce, and Better Blister Blocker is no exception. Don’t let blisters and chafing ruin your workout - grab a tube of Better Blister Blocker today!