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Dr. Frederick's Original Small Trigger Finger Splint - 2ct - Finger Brace for Arthritis, Injury, Sprain - Relieve Trigger Finger Pain - Small Size fits Pinky Fingers

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  • Superior Padded Comfort: Say goodbye to sharp, uncomfortable edges often found in other finger braces. Experience unparalleled comfort with our finger splint, crafted with premium padding. Our splint is designed to be worn all day, or overnight, without causing additional pain, discomfort, or overheating. Essential for providing support and relief for trigger finger pain, arthritis sufferers, and excellent for straightening fingers.
  • Instant Pain Relief: Count on our finger brace for immediate relief from finger discomfort. With consistent wear, trigger finger splints are designed to reduce inflammation and provide long-lasting pain relief. Whether you need a middle finger splint for stiffness, a mallet finger splint, or a solution for trigger finger pain, this product perfectly suits your needs.
  • Adjustable Fit For Pinky & Small Fingers: Our versatile trigger finger brace caters to your specific needs. Velcro straps allow easy adjustability, guaranteeing secure stabilization and optimal compression on most adult pinky fingers, and even small or child-size hands. Try our regular Trigger Finger Splint for a better fit on index, middle, and ring fingers.
  • Maximum Durability: Finger pain doesn’t have to keep you from your favorite activities! With its robust design, our finger splint is made to last. Our therapeutic brace supports your finger, keeping it immobilized while you type, walk the dog, or go about your daily routine. Many customers prefer wearing the splint overnight, to prevent waking up with finger locking and pain.
  • Trustworthy & Doctor-Developed: At Dr. Frederick's Original, we prioritize your satisfaction, which means creating the best possible products for you. We stand behind our Trigger Finger Splint with our industry-leading pledge. If our product doesn't help you get back to doing what you love, we're dedicated to finding a satisfactory solution.


Trigger finger is annoying, painful, and can be debilitating. At Dr. Frederick's Original, we believe that small, chronic pains add up, and finding products to relieve those pains is essential for quality of life. If you're suffering from a trigger finger, a broken finger, arthritis, or a mallet finger, look no further than our TRIGGER FINGER SPLINT. It's the best on Amazon, because it's the only one designed by doctors for the ultimate in pain relief.

Our splint is designed to be completely adjustable and is padded for your comfort. No more sharp edges cutting into your finger while you grin and bear it -- you can wear the splint you need for finger straightening AND be comfortable! Other finger splints for straightening arthritis can be too rigid, but our splint is the perfect combination of cushioned and braced.

If you need to reclaim your life from the distracting pain and discomfort of trigger finger, mallet finger, or arthritis, click ADD TO CART. Our doctor-designed splints for trigger finger will provide pain relief or your money back.