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Dr. Frederick's Original Copper Full Finger Arthritis Glove - 2 Gloves - Perfect Computer and Phone Typing Gloves - Fit Guaranteed

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  • Comfortable Compression For Daily Support: Dr. Frederick’s Original Copper Comfort Gloves offer a cozy fit for daily wear. Designed for comfort (even for overnight use!), these full-finger gloves are a great choice for those seeking added support for hand discomfort.
  • Full Finger Design & Touch Screen Compatibility: No more icy or numb fingertips while using your devices! Unlike other gloves that may be bulky, our gloves are crafted with your daily routine in mind. Their thoughtful design allows you to stay connected and comfortable.
  • Breathable And Odor-Resistant Copper Infusion: Experience the benefits of high copper content, integrated into our gloves to ensure durability through wear and washing. The breathable fabric helps to keep your hands comfortably warm without causing sweatiness.
  • Four Sizes For A Customized Fit: We understand the importance of a proper fit for comfort. That's why our Copper Comfort Gloves come in four sizes, helping you to find a pair that feels just right for your needs.
  • A Commitment To Your Satisfaction: At Dr. Frederick’s Original, we're dedicated to your satisfaction. Our team, with a background in healthcare, has developed these gloves with your comfort in mind. We believe in the quality of our products, and we're here to support your journey to greater comfort. If you find the gloves aren't meeting your expectations within 30 days, please reach out to us for assistance in finding a suitable solution.


Ease Your Daily Routine with Comfort: Hand discomfort can be a challenge in daily activities, whether you're at work, keeping in touch with loved ones, or preparing meals. Our Full Finger Copper Comfort Arthritis Gloves are crafted with your comfort in mind. At Dr. Frederick’s Original, we focus on creating solutions that support your daily life.

Designed for Comfort and Support: These gloves feature a high copper content, which is a popular choice among those seeking added comfort for their hands. Available in four sizes, they're designed to provide a snug fit. Consistent wear is aimed at supporting your hand's natural movement.

Tailored Fit for Enhanced Experience: We understand that each hand is unique, which is why we offer four sizes for a more personalized fit. Our gloves are crafted to provide snugness without excessive compression. Plus, their full-finger design means they cover your entire hand, providing a comprehensive feel of comfort, while still allowing for easy typing or smartphone use.

Ready to Help Improve Your Day: If you’ve tried various types of hand support and are looking for something supportive, our gloves might be just what you need. Their design balances comfort and ease of use, making them suitable for a range of activities.

A Commitment to Your Satisfaction: Dr. Frederick's Original is dedicated to your satisfaction. Our products, including these Full Finger Copper Comfort Arthritis Gloves, are part of our commitment to your comfort. If you find they don’t meet your expectations, let us know. We're here to support you in finding the right solution for your comfort needs.