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Dr. Frederick's Original Copper Full Finger Arthritis Glove - 2 Gloves - Perfect Computer and Phone Typing Gloves - Fit Guaranteed

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  • COMFORTABLE COMPRESSION PROVIDES RELIEF: Don’t let pain ruin your day! Get back to the activities you love with Dr. Frederick’s Original Copper Comfort Gloves. These full-finger gloves are comfortable (even for overnight wear!) and treat pain due to arthritis, finger pain, carpal tunnel, or other hand discomforts.
  • FULL FINGER & TOUCH SCREEN COMPATIBLE: Do you suffer from icy or numb fingertips? Can’t text when wearing gloves from competitors? Our gloves are designed with real people in mind! Other gloves may be bulky or useless for everyday wear, but our unmatched design allows you to get back to your daily routine, pain-free.
  • BREATHABLE COPPER INFUSED MATERIAL: We offer the highest copper content of any copper compression glove to date, weaving our material with copper so it won’t wear or wash out - even after months of wear. Plus, our breathable design will keep your hands warm, but avoid those sweaty palms!
  • FOUR SIZES FOR PERFECT FIT: The wrong fit can mean the wrong level of compression, which can actually increase hand discomfort. We know you deserve maximum pain relief, which is why we offer four sizes to ensure you have the right level of compression.
  • DOCTOR-DEVELOPED AND GUARANTEED: As physicians, our top priority is your results, which means creating the best possible product for you. That’s why we stand by our products with the industry-leading Get Back To It Guarantee. If our Copper Compression Gloves don’t relieve your hand pain in 30 days or less, we’ll find something that will or we’ll give you your money back.


Persistent hand pain interrupts every part of your daily life. Whether you’re signing documents at work, texting family and friends, or slicing vegetables for dinner, pain from carpal tunnel, neuropathy, and arthritis can be totally debilitating. For many kinds of hand pain, copper arthritis gloves are a popular solution, and our Full Finger Copper Comfort Arthritis Gloves are the BEST on Amazon. The team at Dr. Frederick’s Original is here to help you get back to the original you. Like all of our products, our Full Finger Copper Comfort Arthritis Gloves are designed by doctors with you in mind. With the highest copper content of any arthritis compression gloves on Amazon, and four sizes to ensure the perfect fit, our doctor-designed compression hand gloves will help to relieve your pain with consistent wear. If you've tried other circulation gloves, compression gloves for arthritis, or wrist support brace sets, know that these gloves are DIFFERENT. A perfect fit means a perfect amount of compression, which other neuropathy gloves can't promise! We also offer four sizes, because we know you need the exact right amount of compression. Sub-par compression leads to sub-par pain relief. And, unlike fingerless compression gloves, these fit the full hand for maximum comfort and pain relief - while still ensuring the wearer can type or operate a touchscreen phone with ease. Click ADD TO CART now if you're ready to reduce your pain and improve your quality of life. Other compression gloves for carpal tunnel for women and men may help for a bit, but our DOCTOR-DESIGNED, PERFECT FIT full finger compression gloves are what you need for pain relief. Get back to the original you TODAY. And you can rest easy knowing our products are backed by our Get Back to It Guarantee. If your purchase doesn’t help you get back to doing what you love, we’ll find something that will or we’ll give you your money back.