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Dr. Frederick's Original Fabrigrip Toe Protectors - 2 Multiple-Use Pieces - Toe Covers to Prevent Blisters, Cushion Bunions, & More

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  • Perfect For Active Life: Ideal for those on their feet for hours, whether working, hiking, or running errands. Our toe separators are designed to provide comfort in your favorite shoes. They can be a helpful addition for those looking to reduce the discomfort of abrasions and blisters. Additionally, they offer cushioning for toe knuckles, enhancing your shoe-wearing experience.
  • Trim Or Roll To Fit: The toe tubes arrive in two long pieces, allowing you to customize their size. You can trim them for a streamlined fit or roll them for extra cushioning. Our FABRIGRIP material is specifically designed to grip your toes comfortably for long-lasting wear.
  • Protect Skin From Blisters And Corns: Designed to provide a protective barrier between your toes and shoes, our toe guard set can be a proactive way to help protect your skin from the discomfort of blisters and corns, especially when wearing the same shoes regularly.
  • Slim Cushion: Our toe covers offer a slim and comfortable fit, suitable for most shoe types. Wear them for any activity, from your daily run to special occasions, and enjoy enhanced comfort without the bulkiness of traditional orthopedic devices.
  • Committed To Your Comfort: At Dr. Frederick's Original, our focus is on your satisfaction and comfort. If you find that our toe cover products aren't quite what you were looking for, please let us know. We are dedicated to assisting you in finding the right product to suit your needs.


PREVENT BLISTERS, CORNS, CUSHION BUNIONS, AND MORE! We all know the feeling. After a day on our feet, we remove our shoes and have to spend valuable relaxation time tending to a blister or two, or massaging the sore, hard spot where a corn is forming. With Dr Frederick's Original Fabrigrip Toe Protectors, you can stop this pain before it even starts.

Whether you're spending a day on the golf course or on your feet working with customers, feet comfort is crucial. Nothing ruins a day more quickly than foot pain! Some favorite shoes can start out feeling comfortable, but after a long day, your toes may be crowded, or an existing corn may rub painfully on the side of the shoe. Once you know that these issues exist, wearing our toe protectors will prevent pain next time. You can trim or roll our toe spacers to fit, depending on the level of cushion you need. Some customers report that the nude color is subtle enough that they feel comfortable wearing our toe sleeves with sandals!

If consistent wear of our Fabrigrip Toe Protectors doesn't help you get back to your ACTIVE LIFE in your FAVORITE SHOES, let us know, and we'll work together to find the best solution for your pain.