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Mintfoot Leather Heel Grips - 10 Pieces - Shoe Liners for Women & Men - Heel Snugs to Stop Blisters & Cuts

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  • OPTIMAL PROTECTION, INCREDIBLE VALUE - 10 Piece leather shoe inserts last longer a silicone liner or gel insert and provide superior grip and protection compared to a shoe sole. These heel grips are the ones to get if you want to protect your feet from blisters, cuts and sliding around.
  • SIMPLE YET SMART - HOW SHOE SNUGS WORK - These handy little doodads work great! Simply pull off the tape covering the adhesive backing, stick them on the inside of your shoes heel, and voila! Slide free, well-fitting shoes for every occasion.
  • COMFY LEATHER GRIPS PROMOTE PROPER FIT - If you’ve ever dealt with the uncomfortable rubbing, sliding and blisters that come from ill-fitting shoes then you’ll love how this set of 10 high heel pads / shoe cushion lets you wear your favorite dress shoes, high heels or running shoes with ease!
  • TRUSTED MEDICAL GRADE PRO’S - Mintfoot uses only proven medical technology and highest quality leather in the creation of our heel liners, making them ideal for use as heel blister protectors, shoe insoles for womens heel shoes, mens heel pads and more.


MINTFOOT LEATHER HEEL GRIPS - THE PERFECT SHOE LINER INSERTS TO PAMPER YOUR FEET. TIRED OF BLISTERS, CUTS AND SORE HEELS FROM ILL-FITTING OR SLIPPERY SOLED SHOES? Avoid the pain, and step back into comfort the easy way, when you insert these premium leather heel grips into your favorite pair of high heel or dress shoes. EASY TO USE – COMFORT IN SECONDS? Simply expose the adhesive backing, stick the heel cushion to the inside of your shoes heel area, and say goodbye to the discomfort of improperly fitting, slippery shoes. WHY LEATHER? VALUE, COMFORT & DURABILITY. You move your heel 1000’s of times every day, even as you sit at your desk, so you need a durable shoe insert that withstands a ton of friction and rubbing and lasts a lifetime – leather makes that possible, providing not only cushion and comfort, but a shoe insert that lasts for years to come. ONE SIZE FITS ALL. Because we know your favorite pair of shoes might not match your neighbors, we created these heel inserts in a unique Figure-8 shape design, so they’ll provide comfort and protection even on shoes with a shorter heel.