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Dr. Frederick’s Original Gel Heel Protectors - 12pcs - Soft Adhesive Heel Grips for Shoe Back - Prevent Blisters - Shoe Heel Pads for Shoes That are Too Big - Cushion Heel Inserts for Women & Men

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  • Comfort Solution For Shoes And Heels: Dr. Frederick’s Original Gel Heel Protectors are designed for anyone who wants to add comfort to their shoes. Whether dealing with shoes that rub or footwear that's slightly too big, our heel inserts attach to your shoe's heel, providing a cushioned layer to reduce general discomfort.
  • Stay-Put Heel Grips For Active Lifestyles: Our Gel Heel Protectors feature a reliable adhesive, ensuring they stay in place in your shoes. Ideal for those on the go, the grips prevent your shoes from sliding off at the heels, and their flexibility means they move with you, enhancing comfort throughout your day.
  • Effortless Application: Our gel heel grips are designed for ease of use. Simply peel and stick them to the desired location in your shoe. They're initially very sticky but can be repositioned as needed. With 12 pieces included, you have enough for multiple pairs of shoes.
  • Versatile For Both Men & Women: These heel pads are suitable for any shoe type - dress shoes, high heels, or boots - and work well for both men and women. The transparent design makes them discreet, adding a comfortable layer to any shoe without being noticeable.
  • Dedicated To Your Foot Care: At Dr. Frederick's Original, we're committed to creating products that improve your daily life. Our Gel Heel Protectors are designed to make your shoes more comfortable. If you have any concerns about their performance, we're here to support you in finding a solution.


RELIEVE HEEL PAIN CAUSED BY UNCOMFORTABLE SHOES. Do you have a pair of shoes that you want to love, but can't wear because of heel pain, blisters, or cuts? Does your only pair of dress shoes rub your heels raw during special occasions? Are new work clogs supportive and comfortable, but leave you with a heel blister after every shift? Order our PROTECTIVE Heel Grips Set TODAY, and get the PAIN RELIEF that you've been searching for. We've all been there: we purchase a new pair of high heels or dress shoes for an interview, wedding, or first date. The shoes are comfortable enough at first try-on, but the first wear leaves your heels sore, blistered, or even cut. Order our shoe heel pads, and make those painful shoes WEARABLE. Neglecting a great pair of shoes because of heel pain is a waste of money. Stick our gel heel cushions in the interior heel off your shoe to relieve that pain! The heel protectors create a cushioned barrier between your skin and the rough interior of the offending shoe, providing superior comfort and protection. Perfect for work, exercise, vacation walking, and any dress shoe occasion: dates, weddings, funerals, job interviews, and more. Wearing high heels or dress shoes can be uncomfortable as it is -- you don't have to add HEEL PAIN to the mix. All-day comfort is possible once you purchase our heel grips set. These cushions will relieve your heel pain and we stand behind that statement 100%. If consistent wear of our Protective Heel Grips Set doesn't help you get back to your ACTIVE LIFE in your FAVORITE SHOES, let us know, and we'll work together to find the best solution for your pain.