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31 Reasons to Make Compression Gloves Your Soulmate

Finding someone to love for life can be hard. That’s why we think it might be better to find two someones to love. Two someones who can banish your hand pain while providing gentle compression. If you struggle with arthritis, carpal tunnel, or other kinds of hand pain, there’s a good chance  your soulmate might just be a pair of compression gloves. Here’s why:

compression gloves
  1. They relieve pain. Hand pain, arthritis pain, carpal tunnel or tendonitis pain. Whether you’re a typist, gamer, or trying to stay in touch with the grandkids - you can do so pain-free!

  2. They’re comfortable! The compression is strong enough to banish pain, but gentle enough to take to bed (and let’s face it, so few things are that gentle).

    compression gloves in bed
  3. They’re affordable! No co-pays, no surprise bills, no outrageous price tags. Just fast, affordable quality pain relief.

  4. They won’t abandon you! Compression gloves are designed to maintain their perfect level of compression, even after months of wear (or washing!).

  5. Wrist tendons inflamed and causing you hand and wrist pain? Yeah, these babies can help with that too!

  6. They don’t care who you text! They just make it easier to communicate with loved ones by relieving hand pain. You don’t even have to take them off to text. Seriously!

  7. They’re always game! Stop hand pain from gaming by wearing handy compression gloves while you play. Not a gamer? They’re useful for knitters, woodworkers, or anyone with active hobbies!

  8. Compression gloves enjoy long walks on the beach. Or a cozy night in! Or a leisurely bike ride! They’re here for you, no matter what you want to do.

    compression gloves stop pain while biking
  9. They just want to hold your hand! In public, at home, wherever you need them: compression gloves are here for you even if no one else is. 

  10. Compression gloves have got your digits. And they’ll keep them safe, warm, and reduce inflammation!

  11. Time. Saving. Pain. Relief. Stop wasting your valuable time on things that won’t banish hand pain. You deserve better!

  12. They’ll treat you right. And bonus, they won’t be passive aggressive about whose turn it is to do the dishes.

  13. Compression gloves just look cool. Pain-relief with style? Sign me up!

  14. Compression gloves know variety is the spice of life. Looking for grippy textured glovesFull-finger compressionCopper-infused pain relief? We literally have everything you’re looking for.
    compression gloves variety
  15. They’re designed by doctors! Our compression gloves are designed for real people, by real doctors. You love to see it!

  16. They won’t make you wait! Pain relief is almost immediate, and it stays gone too.

  17. Pregnant? These gloves are available to help fight the uncomfortable pregnancy-related arthritis or trigger finger. They can’t change diapers, but they can support you through it.

  18. They want you to meet their friends. Looking for a wrist brace? They know a guy!

  19. They’re your type! Pop on these bad boys and let the sweet compression make it possible to type again. Sure, we can’t guarantee they’ll help you write the next great American novel or viral tweet, but we CAN guarantee you’ll be pain-free when you start mashing those keys.

    compression gloves while typing
  20. They’re the strong silent type, able to manage pain and improve your life - but they never brag about it.

  21. Worried that compression gloves will make it harder to open that jar or continue lifting weights? Well, stop worrying, gosh-darn-it! These cool cats have a textured grip because they just want to help you.

  22. Yes, they’ll keep you warm too. Especially our full-finger variety!

  23. But not too warm. They’re thin enough you won’t overheat, even if wearing them overnight.

  24. You can take them home to meet the family! Compression gloves are perfect for everyone on your holiday gift list. Know a gamer who struggles with gamer’s thumb? Or a golfer who is fighting repetitive stress injuries? Share the glove love!

  25. They’re the perfect size for the right level of compression. Never too much or too little: it’s like they’re designed just for you! You might say they... fit like a glove.

  26. Did someone say highest copper content available? Was it you looking for your dream glove? Because, mission accomplished!

  27. Compression gloves are just happy to do the things you want to do! Plus, they know all about the cool exercises for hand arthritis.

  28. They’re supportive. They’ll never judge you or your taste in trashy TV shows.

  29. But, they’re not needy!. If they’re doing their job right, you might not need them every day, and they’re perfectly happy to remain curled up in a desk drawer until you need them.

  30. They are guaranteed to change your life. Like all of our products they’re backed by our industry-leading Get Back To It Guarantee. If our compression gloves don’t relieve your hand pain in 30 days or less, we’ll find something that will or we’ll give you your money back.

  31. LOVE is right there in the word glove.

Are you convinced? Intrigued? Willing to give them a try and see how it plays out? We really think you should. You deserve a pain-free life, and this is a much surer thing than another date with your best friend’s cousin’s neighbor. 

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Written by: Jess Krzyczkowski
Medically Reviewed by: Dr. Ben Frederick