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Trigger Finger during pregnancy is a painful condition when pregnancy-related swelling causes the joints in the finger to become inflamed. Jess shares her story of struggling with pain and swelling on her journey to motherhood.
Trigger Finger is an uncomfortable condition that can cause painful swelling and locking up of the finger or thumb. If over-the-counter treatments are no longer helping trigger finger pain, it may be time to consider surgery. This is a relatively easy outpatient procedure done under a local anesthesia - learn if you may be a candidate here!
Trigger Finger is a condition in which the tendon in the finger becomes inflamed, either due to repetitive use or a related health condition. This results in the finger locking, or staying in an extended position. Luckily, it can be treated affordably at home with these five easy remedies.
Trigger Finger is a minor condition that can be debilitating. Trigger Finger occurs when the tendon in the finger becomes inflamed, resulting in the painful locking up of the joint that is the hallmark of Trigger Finger. Luckily, Trigger Finger can be treated affordably at home, saving sufferers from expensive doctor's visits.
Trigger Finger is a painful inflammation of the tendon in the finger or thumb that can cause locking and tightness in the joint. Explore the causes of trigger finger, and learn the most effective at-home treatments for relieving pain and discomfort, while increasing mobility.