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4 Easy Steps to Relieve Painful Bunions

Review - 4 Easy Steps to Relieve Painful Bunions

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Welcome to the final part of our series on easy steps to bunion relief. In this part, we’ll quickly go over everything we’ve covered, so you can get back to doing what you love, pain-free.

Avoid high heels for bunion pain best shoes for bunion sufferers

First, it is extremely important to stop wearing the wrong shoes. Avoid shoes with a narrow toe-box, as bunions are often caused (and exacerbated) by forcing the toes into a narrow space. Look for shoes with a wide toe box - even if you have to shop online to find them. If you can, try to avoid high heels and cowboy boots, and make sure your feet have enough room! 

Shoes to relieve and reduce bunion pain treat bunions easily no surgery

Although memory foam shoes may sound like a great idea, they are another culprit when it comes to making bunions more painful. They’re comfortable, to be sure, but they also mold to the foot which denies any arch support. Arch support is key when addressing bunion pain and discomfort. For this same reason, some sandals can also be detrimental to bunion sufferers.

When looking for the right bunion shoe, look for something with a wide toe and plenty of arch support. If you have flat feet, look for shoes made for an overpronator, which will address issues with arch support. If your bunions are caused by diabetes, special orthopedic shoes may help with relief, and are likely covered by health insurance. There are many options for quality shoes that halt bunion pain and growth, and can even stave off the need for bunion surgery.

Gel inserts easy treatment for bunion pain relieve pain at home no surgery

In addition to finding the right shoes, there are a few easy treatments for bunions that do not involve the time or expense of bunion surgery. Gel inserts can relieve bunion pain, and toe separators help the toes from rubbing against one another, making bunions more painful. Sometimes a simple product like this can be all you need! Custom orthotics are another great option -- a shoe insert can really make a world of difference. There are also prefabricated orthotics, which are less costly than those that are custom made.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to treat and relieve painful bunions at home. We recommend speaking to your podiatrist and together you will be able to come up with the best treatment plan for YOU.


Author: Dr. Megan Ziemer, DPM
Additional Material by: Jess Krzyczkowski

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