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How Bad is Your Bunion? Quiz

We’ve noticed many of you are finding us by searching “do I need bunion surgery quiz”, so we’re here to provide you with a link to our Bunion Quiz, which will help you determine if you have a moderate or severe bunion that may require surgical treatment.

For more detailed information on bunions and bunion surgery, read on! 

Do I Need Bunion Surgery?

If you’ve noticed your once-comfortable shoes are suddenly too narrow in the toe box, the culprit could easily be a bunion. A bunion is a lump that forms on the base of the big toe, often protruding out of the side of the foot and causing joint pain. Bunions can be the result of poorly fitting shoes (the things we do for fashion), arthritis, or genetic predisposition. Whatever the cause, bunions can be painful little buggers, and that’s why we offer many affordable products to help address and treat this pain.

Sometimes, however, these products are simply not enough.

Often, the best way to relieve bunion pain is by surgical removal of the bunion itself. This is a routine procedure - aka, it’s not scary - and it can make walking, running, or even wearing shoes comfortable again. And, happily, it is often covered by health insurance (but always check with your specific provider to be sure).

An Untreated Bunion

Before choosing to have a bunionectomy, you may wish to try some less invasive methods first. If, however, gel pads or toe spacers are no longer helping to relieve pain, it might be time to talk to your doctor about surgery. If left untreated, bunion pain will worsen with time, meaning being on your feet for work or exercise will get progressively more difficult. Untreated bunions can also cause inflammation in the joint, leading to arthritis and (you guessed it) more severe pain. Chronic pain can be difficult to manage, even after surgery, so it is not recommended to wait until the pain and joint damage are severe.

Bunion Surgery - Yes or No?

Obviously, this is an online article and while we can equip you with the right information, we cannot make the decision to pursue bunion surgery for you. This should be a conversation with your doctor. What we DO know, however, is that bunion pain can be relieved with over the counter  products like bunion spacerscushions, or splints, and that oftentimes doing this in tandem with wearing the right shoes can relieve pain enough to avoid surgery.

This is not a debate about whether surgery is good or bad. If your quality of life is suffering, surgery can be the best option. We want you to Get Back to the Original You, whether that means running marathons, or walking the dog around your neighborhood. Everyone has a different threshold for how bad a bunion has to be before surgery is considered an option. Trust yourself, trust your body, and trust your doctor. If chronic bunion pain is keeping you off your feet, surgery may be worth it.

The Bunion Surgery Experience 

Going under the knife for any reason can induce anxiety in even the most even-keeled person. It’s absolutely understandable, and it’s a big reason folks put off bunion surgery for too long. Luckily, bunion surgery is routine, and very safe. It is commonly an outpatient procedure, though the recovery will involve a few months of staying off your feet!

Ok... But Do I Need Bunion Surgery?

You might! Our bunion quiz is a great resource for understanding the severity of your bunion. The more severe your pain is, especially after trying over the counter remedies, the more likely it is that surgery will be the best option.


Author: Jess Krzyczkowski

If you are looking for more information on bunion surgery,view our checklist of questions to ask your podiatrist about bunion surgery.