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Wondering how to treat painful and uncomfortable bunions at home? We can show you how to find the right footwear, avoid the wrong shoes, and which products actually provide bunion pain relief without bunion surgery. If you have painful bunions, this is a must watch!
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can cause symptoms like pain, numbness, and loss of sensation. Luckily there are relief exercises that can be done at home, and without surgery. We explore five simple things you can do to reduce pain and inflammation from carpal tunnel.
Your body is ageing in front of you, but your mind didn't get the message. Learn the types and causes of arthritis, as well as tips and home remedies for relieving arthritis pain, stiffness, and swelling in the hands and wrists.
Living with a bunion can be uncomfortable and difficult. Explore options for bunion pain relief, including bunion surgery. Take our quiz to determine how bad your bunion is, and whether bunion surgery is the correct option for you.
Relieve bunion pain and discomfort with four easy steps. Find the right shoes for bunion sufferers, and discover easy tips for treating painful bunions at home. Avoid bunion surgery with our guide to caring for and soothing feet at home.
Relieve bunion pain without surgery! Toe separators or gel bunion pads can drastically reduce or eliminate pain. The right shoes can treat sore and tired feet, and help you get back to walking, running, or doing what you love!
Find the right shoes for soothing painful bunions! Custom orthotics or wide toe shoes are a must for relieving the hurt of uncomfortable bunions. Avoid surgery with our tips designed to treat bunions at home.
Treat bunion pain and avoid surgery! Reduce foot discomfort and get back to doing what you love. Simple steps you can take to stop painful bunions easily and affordably.
Love your feet again! Simple, no-cost ways to maintain healthy feet, including proper ways to stretch, reduce calluses, restore smooth heels, and remove cracked skin in order to delight and refresh your feet.
If you're thinking about bunion removal surgery (a.k.a -  bunionectomy surgery) then you've probably tried supportive products like bunion braces, bunion pads, bunion booties, and other non-invasive solutions similar to what we offer in our Online Shop here at Dr. Frederick's Original.